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Huaraz is located at 3080 meters above sea level to the north of lima, as well as it is capital of Ancash department this dazzling city, which is lies into callejón de Huaylas with natural boundaries such as: cordillera negra by western & cordillera Blanca by eastern, when is also lies the Peruvian highest peak, which is mount Huascaran at 6768 meters.
Huaraz is also well-known as “capital of international friendship”, with trendy architecture, which offer incredible natural beauty, besides the service that offer as city is very good, with first and second class hotels, restaurants with varied and good food, night entertainment, several sightseeing such as: city tour, callejon de huaylas, pastoruri glacier, lake llanganuco, pre-inca temple of chavin. For more information about sights, tours, hikes, treks, climbs or another mountain activity into cordillera Blanca check please our web site.  


The cordillera Blanca has 180 km of length from south to north inside of Huascaran national park, it has 663 glaciers for survival 29 peak of them are over 6000 m, crowned bay Peru’s highest peak mount Huascaran (6768m), and in cordillera Blanca is located the most beautiful mountain in the world wide, mount Alpamayo at 5947m, further in the cordillera Blanca there are more than 269 lakes, further Into cordillera Blanca are practiced several adventure sports as: trekking, hiking, mountaineering, ice climbing, horse riding, mountain biking, touring, and fishing, and another more.
The good weather for practicing adventure sports are between months may – October such as: Santa Cruz trek, olleros – chavin, cedros alpamayo, climbs as Huascaran alpamayo, pisco, and others.


Cordillera huayhuash is lies at 110 km to the south of huaraz, and 50 km to the south west of cordillera Blanca, in this range is located the second Peruvian highest peak mount Yerupaja at 6634 m, mount siula grande at 6349m, in that peak was filmed one of the most significant mountain filming called “TOUCHING THE VOID”. The cordillera huayhuash is home to some of the most spectacular mountain setting in all of South America with especial characteristics as: glacier lakes, huge sharp peak, and amazing view from the passes, where the visitant will do an unforgettable trip.

1. - about us:

K2 PERU ADVENTURES adventure travel agency, which is established in huaraz city to improve the adventure tourism, offering more alternative to every visitants, who are looking for new circuits in our region such as: trek circuits, climbing routes, our staff had worked hardly to explore new routes of treks & climbs, besides we offer in our web site with enough information to make about your trip a real adventure into the cordillera Blanca, huayhuahs and in the Peruvian Andes.  

This adventure company was founded in 2001 by Lucho Lopez Oropeza, who is a qualified mountain guide, it is compound by young people, who have a wide experience and knowledgeable working in tourism, adjusted by qualified mountain guides, qualified trekking guides, and qualified official tour guides.  
Everybody form a group team, who are highly trained, experts into the cordillera Blanca, huayhuash, and Peruvian Andes, further this team is prepared to do about your trip a unique & unforgettable experience is this part of Peru.

This web site offer to all our gest a selected & explored trip programs, also for that visitors, who are unsatisfied, we can design a trip program according your time and your necessity. 


ALFREDO LUCHO LOPEZ OROPEZA born in huaraz city at foot of cordillera Blanca & negra, which are lies in Ancash department I begun this adventure sport, when I was teenager, I studied to become a qualified mountain guide at (center of high mountain school) (C.E.A.M)- HUARAZ, this institution is specialist in forming qualified mountain guides. I am a young mountain guide, with wide knowledge about adventure sport in cordillera Blanca and huayhuash.
I had attend many mountain rescued courses, which are organized by deferent association and institution in huaraz city, I expanded my knowledge, attending with mountain rescued, that happen into the cordillera Blanca & huayhuash.

I have working by several companies as: American, European, Peruvian, getting enough experience and knowledgeable, getting a good reference in
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Huaraz - Ancash - Perú

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